What are stage checks?

Throughout your initial training you will be working to complete three major stages. Each stage has various requirements that you must complete. Your skills and knowledge will be tested across a variety of worksheets, quizzes, and then a final stage exam. After demonstrating proficiency for all parts of a stage, you will be able to participate in that stage's item: your first solo, cross-country flights, or taking your check-ride.

Within each stage there are a variety of resources, worksheets and quizzes. Please do not complete these items without direction from your CFI. The point of these items is to test your knowledge and maintain proficiency throughout your training. You may have the desire to "get ahead" and complete items as soon as possible. This however is not the intention.


Stage 1


The first major milestone in flight training is your first solo. Stage 1 consists of the basics - from preflight to maneuvers - up through solo.


Stage 2

Cross Country

After your solo, you'll start flying to different airports. Stage 2 is all about navigation, weather, airspace, performance, and communications.


Stage 3

Checkride Prep

The moment you've all been waiting for: your checkride! But first, you must demonstrate proficiency across various competencies.