Our Simulators

Redbird FMX

Full Motion FAA Approved

The FMX is a full-motion simulator equipped for instrumentation flight training and approved by the Federal Aviation Authority. It is the first flight simulator designed to meet the new challenges faced by instrument pilots and students. The Redbird FMX also comes equipped with an innovative 3-axis, motion platform along with 200-degree wraparound visuals.

This one-of-a-kind system provides effective motion feedback for yaw, pitch, and roll. The FMX is an FAA-approved Advanced Aviation Training Device, which allows for simulator time to be logged toward license requirements and instrument currency.


At CHI Aerospace, we offer the following aircraft configurations:

  • Cessna 182S with Garmin G1000

  • Cessna 182S with Garmin 430/530

  • Diamond DA-20 with six-pack analog gauges

Combining flight instruction in the FMX simulator - alongside our airplanes - allows our students to progress more rapidly through their training at a much lower cost!

Feel free to download the user interface guide or watch a webinar to familiarize yourself with the simulator setup.


Redbird XWind

Full Motion Crosswind Landing Trainer

The Xwind is a full-motion simulator excellent for training on landing in various wind conditions, including crosswinds and wind gusts. With the ability to change turbulence, speed, and wind direction, it is our go-to simulator for training on landings and it’s the one we use in friendly fun competitions among our students and pilots.


Redbird Jay

Desktop Procedures Trainer

The Jay is a great simulator for everyone to train with and includes pre-set scenarios and the ability to fly different types planes along self-selected routes.


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