At CHI Aerospace, we make learning easy. We make sure that all of the resources you could possibly need are right at your fingertips. Here on the Pilot Resources page, you can access a variety of documents; everything from aircraft weight and balance sheets and calculators to the POH, free safety handouts, stage check quizzes and other exams, and much more.

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Aircraft Documents
and Manuals


Training Supplements
and How-To


  • Pilot's Operating Handbooks (POH)

  • Dynon and Garmin Pilot Manuals

  • Aircraft Weight and Balance Sheets

  • Aircraft Checkout Tests

  • Other Aircraft Documents


  • Sport/PPL Student Resources

    • Stage Check 1: Pre-Solo

    • Stage Check 2: Cross Country

    • Stage Check 3: Checkride Prep

  • Advanced Student Resources

    • Instrument Students

    • Commercial Students

    • CFI/CFII Students


  • Safety Advisors

  • FAA textbook PDFs (AFH & PHAK)

  • How-To Guides:

    • Medicals, METARs, Calculating Weight & Balance​ and more!