Below you will find the requirements, documents, and resources to aid you in getting checked out in each specific aircraft we offer for rental at CHI Aerospace.

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                                             Van's RV-12 and RV-12is Checkout Procedure
The Vans RV-12 checkout required 3 hours in the Aircraft with an instructor. You will get familiar with the Dynon D1000 (N266VA, N271VA, N311VA), the Garmin G3X (N922CA), or the Garmin 650/G3X (N247RM RV-12is) electronic flight displays. You will learn how the RV-12 handles in basic maneuvers, emergency procedures, and landings. You can expect to do an hour of ground with an instructor to go over the checkout test that is linked below. The checkout guidelines (linked below) and checkout test will need to be fully completed and signed by you and your instructor before you can rent the RV-12. 


                                            Cessna 172N Skyhawk Checkout Procedure 

                                    Required Documents that need to be signed by your instructor