The Commercial Pilot Program at CHI is your next step into an aviation career. Whether you want to become an airline pilot, a flight instructor, or any other career as a pilot, the commercial pilot certificate will be a requirement. CHI offers commercial pilot training in our Technically Advanced Airplanes (TAA), the state of the art RV12’s as our G1000 equipped Cessna 182 Turbo. With glass instrument panels and autopilot, these airplanes will best prepare you for the real-world flying jobs of today with the most advanced aircraft that are now in the skies.

The Commercial Pilot’s Certificate is unlatching the door into the world of commercial aviation. It is your next step into the best office on the planet! CHI Aerospace is committed to helping you make this dream into your reality. We offer one-on-one Commercial Pilot training with our Certified Flight Instructors who will train you in the aeronautical knowledge areas and flight proficiency tasks to become a commercial pilot.


Commercial Pilot Requirements

There are several requirements you will need to satisfy before you can earn your commercial pilot certificate:

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Be able to read, write, speak, and understand English

  • Hold at least a second class medical

  • Hold at least a private pilot certificate

  • Log at least 250 hours of flight time as a pilot

  • Log at least 10 hours of training in a complex airplane or Technically Advanced Airplane (TAA) which our RV12’s qualify as!

  • Pass the FAA Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test

What Can You Do As A Commercial Pilot?

  • A commercial pilot may act as pilot in command of an aircraft carrying persons or property for hire

  • Some low time pilot jobs you are able to do with a commercial pilots certificate are: Pipeline and powerline Patrol, Aerial Photography, Glider Tow Pilot, Banner Tow Pilot, Skydive Pilot, Ferry Pilot, Aerial Tour Pilot, and more!

  • Advance your training to become a Certified Flight Instructor and/or Airline Transport Pilot