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Sport Pilot

Pleasure Flyer - Daytime Only
The Sport Pilot Program offers most-times a quicker path to becoming a certificated pilot.  The training is the same as the Private Pilot Program except we leave out the night flying.   CHI still goes above and beyond the minimum requirements of Sport Pilot training to ensure you are confident and prepared to fly the sky highway safely.  We are seeing a lot more younger pilots take the Sport Pilot route.  It seems it just might be the Pilot license of the future!

Our Light-Sport Airplanes (LSAs) Van's RV-12s:
PSM | N922CA, N247RM, N266VA, N271VA and N311VA
B19 | N243VA

Program available at PSM & B19

Click here for Sport Pilot requirements

Private Pilot

Pleasure Flyer - Including Nighttime

The Private Pilot program is the oldest learn-to-fly program in aviation.  CHI offers this training in new model aircraft so that you are taught on state-of-the-art systems used in today's world of aviation.  

We teach in Light-Sport Airplanes for primary training, but don't let our LSA planes fool you!  Our RV12's have ADS-B, Synthetic Vision, Auto-Pilot, and are fully-equipped for night flying.  Our light sport aircraft are a fantastic way to earn your Private Pilot certificate.

Program available at PSM & B19

Click here for Private Pilot requirements

Instrument Rated Pilot

Fly Under Instrument Flight Rules

This rating is a great option for anyone looking to become a safer pilot, have more flexibility when flying, or anyone interested in entering a career in aviation. An instrument rating allows you to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) which includes Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) and Class Alpha airspace. 

CHI offers this training using our Redbird FMX (PSM Location) and Cessna 172. A combination of these two will enhance your learning while reducing the overall cost. Upon obtaining your rating, our FMX will allow you to maintain both instrument currency and proficiency. 

Program available at PSM 

Click here for Instrument Rating requirements

Commercial Pilot

Fly for Hire

The Commercial Pilot Program at CHI is your next step into an aviation career. Whether you want to become an airline pilot, a flight instructor, or any other career as a pilot, the commercial pilot certificate will be a requirement. CHI offers commercial pilot training in our Technically Advanced Airplanes (TAA), the state of the art RV-12’s. With glass instrument panels and a 2-axis autopilot, these airplanes will best prepare you for the real-world flying jobs of today with the most advanced aircraft that are now in the skies. The Commercial Pilot’s Certificate is unlatching the door into the world of commercial aviation.

Program available at PSM 

Click here for Commercial Pilot requirements

Certified Flight Instructor

Become a CFI | CFII

The Certified Flight Instructor is the cornerstone of aviation. A flight instructor has the responsibility to train the next generation of aviators to the highest standard of safety and competency. At CHI, it is our job to make sure the next generation of pilots exceed those standards. If you plan on moving on to the airlines, flight instruction is a great way to gain hours to meet the Airline Transport Pilot minimums.

Our own flight instructors are prepared with the experience, knowledge, and top of the line airplanes to prepare you to make an impact on the future of aviators.

Program available at PSM 

Click here for CFI Requirements

Spin and Upset Recovery Training

Spin Training/Upset Recovery for any rated pilot!

Our Spin Training/Upset Recovery program here at CHI is designed to educate and give pilots real world Spin and Upset Recovery experience in our Alpha 160. Along with this, our instructors will provide you with 2 hours of ground training, breaking down everything a pilot needs to know about Spins and general upset recovery. If you are a CFI in need of a spin endorsement, look no further! 


The cost of the SPARC program is $550 including 1 hour of Dual Flight Training in the Alpha 160A and 2 hours of ground training.


Program available at PSM 

Click here for more details


Flight Review

Complete your Flight Review with CHI

With a minimum of one hour of ground training and one hour of flight training (which can be in your own aircraft), we can satisfy the requirements of §61.65 and ensure safe practice while operating the aircraft. One of our certified flight instructors will work with you to make sure you are up to date and current with all Federal Aviation Regulations and standards. 

You can download this helpful guide from AOPA for more information about flight reviews: 


AOPA Pilot's Guide to the Flight Review 

Service available at PSM & B19

Aircraft Rentals

Ask us about our Aircraft Rentals

CHI has access to cutting-edge aircraft including the Van's RV-12, Van's RV-12is, Cessna 172N, and Cessna 182T. All aircraft are available to rent. 

Enjoy a quick flight down the coast with a friend or rent our aircraft for a fun getaway weekend!

For more information about our aircraft , visit the our fleet page on our website, or contact us.

Service available at PSM & B19

Instrument Proficiency Check

Complete your IPC with CHI

Brush up on those instrument procedures and schedule a time to complete your IPC with CHI! One of our certified instructors will sit down with you and complete a full review of knowledge and procedures needed to fly an aircraft

on an instrument flight plan, fly under instrument meteorological flight conditions (IMC) and meet all of the requirements outlined in § 61.56.


Save some money by completing part of your IPC in our AATD full motion Redbird FMX!

Service available at PSM & B19

Contact us for more information

Spin Training & Upset Recovery

Spin Endorsements and Upset Recovery Flights

Are you interested in spin training, in need of a spin endorsement or interested in an upset recovery flight? Call us to schedule a flight in our Alpha 160A! 

For more information about our aircraft , visit the our fleet page on our website, or contact us.

Important Note: Weight limit of pilot is 210 lbs to stay in aerobatic category.

Service available at PSM. 

For more information about our rates and services, contact us!

Intro Flight

Not sure where to begin?
Sign up for an Introductory Flight!

An introductory flight is a great place to start when you're new to flying or considering flight training. 

What do you do during an introductory flight?

During your intro flight, you will have full control over the aircraft and be able to see what  flying an airplane is really like. On top of that, you'll get to experience the amazing views the seacoast has to offer. Don't worry, we'll leave all the takeoffs and landings to the instructor!

How long is an introductory flight?

Intro flights are scheduled for a 1 hour block, where you can expect to get 30-40 minutes of actual flight time with your instructor. This also gives you a chance to tour our facility and meet our team.

How much does it cost?

Just $150.00!

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