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Sport Pilot

Pleasure Flyer - Daytime Only

The Sport Pilot Program offers most-times a quicker path to becoming a certificated pilot.  The training is the same as the Private Pilot Program except we leave out the night flying.   CHI still goes above and beyond the minimum requirements of Sport Pilot training to ensure you are confident and prepared to fly the sky highway safely.  We are seeing a lot more younger pilots take the Sport Pilot route.  It seems it just might be the Pilot license of the future!

Our Light-Sport Airplanes (LSAs) are the RV12's, CTLS, and Ercoupe.

Click here for Sport Pilot requirements.

Enabled Pilot

Pilots with Physical Disabilities

CHI feels that everyone should be able to experience the joy and thrill of flight.  Our Enabled Pilot Program allows people with some physical disabilities to take part in Flight Training.  In lots of cases you can earn your Sport Pilot certificate.  You may even be able to earn your Private Pilot certificate (with 3rd class medical attainment). 

Our classic 1946 Ercoupe was designed to be flown without rudder pedals which makes it the perfect trainer for many physical disabilities. Call us to talk about this program and to come for a visit.  

Check out Jessica Cox - she learned to fly in the Ercoupe and she was born without arms!

Instrument Pilot

Fly Under Instrument Flight Rules

This rating is a great option for anyone looking to become a safer pilot, have more flexibility when flying, or anyone interested in entering a career in aviation. An instrument rating allows you to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) which includes Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) and Class Alpha airspace. 

CHI offers this training using our Redbird FMX and Cessna 172. A combination of these two will enhance your learning while reducing the overall cost. Upon obtaining your rating, our FMX will allow you to maintain both instrument currency and proficiency. 

Private Pilot

Pleasure Flyer - Including Nighttime

The Private Pilot program is the oldest learn-to-fly program in aviation.  CHI offers this training in new model aircraft so that you are taught on state-of-the-art systems used in today's world of aviation.  

We teach in Light-Sport Airplanes for primary training, but don't let our LSA planes fool you!  Our RV12's have ADS-B, Synthetic Vision, Auto-Pilot, and are fully-equipped for night flying.  

Our light sport aircraft are a fantastic way to earn your Private Pilot certificate.

Click here for Private Pilot requirements.

Upset Recovery

Advanced Stall/Spin Training

Become a more confident and proficient pilot with this 3-hour Upset training course!  Learn to recover from emergency upset situations, such as a spin and wake turbulence encounter.  This course is offered to all pilots after they have completed their first solo, whether with us or another flight school.

The course starts out with an aileron roll to get you comfortable with being inverted.  Then you'll work on stalls and spins.  These maneuvers will be representative of situations like a base to final stall and hitting wake turbulence.  The ultimate goal is to learn to recognize a deteriorating situation and correct it before a spin occurs.

Flight Review

Complete your Flight Review at CHI 

With a minimum of one hour of ground training and one hour of flight training (which can be in your own aircraft), we can satisfy the requirements of §61.65 and ensure safe practice while operating the aircraft. One of our certified flight instructors will work with you to make sure you are up to date and current with all Federal Aviation Regulations and standards. 

You can download this helpful guide from AOPA for more information about flight reviews: 


AOPA Pilot's Guide to the Flight Review 


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