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Whether you are a Student Pilot, or a Commercial Pilot looking to get your Spin Endorsement, CHI has something for you in our Alpha 160A!


We are opening our Alpha up to be scheduled for dual flight training for our SPARC program or regular dual flight training with the ability for spins and light aerobatics. The Alpha 160 is an excellent all around trainer with a concentration in aerobatics. If you are interested in getting your feet wet in aerobatics or spins, this is the plane to do it in! Check out below two of our instructors having some fun the Alpha 160!


 If you are in need of a Spin Endorsement, or just want to fly in a plane with more aerodynamic capabilities than other general trainers, call us to get signed up today! Our instructors will ensure you get a comprehensive knowledge in all things Spin and Upset Recovery. The SPARC program costs $550 and includes two hours of ground training and 1 hour of flight training (*Commercial Pilots License Required for Receiving Spin Endorsement*).


*As a note, if you are not a Commercial Pilot you can still enroll in the SPARC program or regular Alpha 160 Dual Flight training no matter what certificate you hold, but you are not eligible for a Spin Endorsement unless you hold the Commercial Pilot Certificate and complete the SPARC program.

SPARC video
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