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The Certified Flight Instructor is the cornerstone of aviation. A flight instructor has the responsibility to train the next generation of aviators to the highest standard of safety and competency. At CHI, it is our job to make sure the next generation of pilots exceed those standards. If you plan on moving on to the airlines, flight instruction is a great way to gain hours to meet the Airline Transport Pilot minimums.

Becoming a flight instructor is a monumental step in your aviation career. Whether you become a CFI to gain hours, or as an end goal, you will have the most important job in the aviation
community; to mold people into safe pilots. Here at CHI, we have the technology and expertise to teach you just how to do that. Our own flight instructors are prepared with the experience, knowledge, and top of the line airplanes to prepare you to make an impact on the future of aviators.



There are several requirements you will need to satisfy before you can earn your Flight Instructor certificate. CHI Aerospace can help you achieve all of them and ensure you’re ready – and able – to take off and enjoy your time in the sky. Below are the requirements you have to complete in order to earn your CFI/CFII:

Be 18 Years Old and Hold a Commercial Pilot License

You must be at least 18 years old and hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate.

Read, Write, Speak, and Understand English

You must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.

Pass the FOI/FIA Written Exams

Pass the FAA Fundamentals of Instruction Knowledge Test and pass the FAA Certified Flight Instructor Knowledge Test

Hold a 3rd Class Medical

You must have at least a 3rd Class Medical Certificate to flight instruct.


What Can CFI's DO?

  • Provide Instruction to Sport, Private, and Commercial Students!

  • Build time towards a different piloting career like Planesense Inc!

CHI Career Pathway to PlaneSense INC!

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