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Things to Consider

When looking for a scholarship that best suits your needs, it is important to take the following into account:


Learning to fly doesn’t have to be financially draining. There are a variety of scholarships available through different organizations that you can apply for!

Below, you'll find some good guidelines to consider when applying for your aviation scholarships.

Scholarships Guide

  • Your Goals
    Make sure you are choosing a scholarship that lines up with your goals and what you hope to achieve as a pilot.


  • Eligibility
    Many organizations and sponsors list certain eligibility requirements an applicant must meet in order to apply. Make sure you fit the criteria before applying.

  • Requirements and Conditions
    Some scholarships may outline certain requirements or conditions you must uphold before, throughout and after your training. Make sure you will be able to meet these requirements and commit to their conditions.

  • Deadlines
    Take note of scholarship deadlines. Make sure the deadline has not passed and you give yourself adequate time to fully complete your application.



Once you have found a scholarship that fits your goals and needs, you can begin the application process.


  • Read the Instructions
    Not all scholarship applications are set up the same. That is why it is so important to read and understand the directions provided. Printing out the instructions and creating an outline can help you stay organized and make sure you aren’t missing anything before you submit your application. Some scholarships also require references or letters of recommendation. Make sure you ask permission to use someone as a reference and give them enough time to write a letter of recommendation.

  • Do Some Research
    When applying for scholarships, it’s a good idea to do some background research on the organization or sponsor awarding the scholarship. By knowing the organization’s mission and goals, you can strengthen your application by connecting them to your own.

  • Time Management
    Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to complete your application. Make sure you pay attention to deadlines and submit your application in a timely manner.

  • Ask Questions
    If you have a question about your application, ask someone about it. Many scholarships have designated individuals listed on the application you can get in contact with if you have any questions.

  • “Measure Twice, Cut Once”
    Always read over your application before submitting. Make sure you have completely filled out the application and answered all questions. It may also be a good idea to have someone else read over your paper to catch any errors you may have missed. Once you are happy with how your application looks, you can submit it to the appropriate address.

Financing Options

AOPA Flex Financing


AOPA offers a line of credit that can be used for any flight training school or program. You can use the funds to pay the school directly as you make your way from private pilot to instrument pilot and beyond.

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