A Sport Pilot license allows you to experience pleasure flying with a friend.  If you are not planning to fly for the Airlines or the Military, the Sport Pilot license may be just the ticket!  

This is a great way to get into the world of recreational flying, and no one can give you better instruction than the experts at CHI Aerospace. Our uniquely-designed programs will guide you and give you the personalized experience you need for greater success.

The Sport Pilot license is a hassle-free way to fly.  You are not required to have a medical certificate.  If you have a current Driver's License, you are cleared to fly as a Sport Pilot.


Sport Pilot Requirements

There are several requirements you will need to satisfy before you can earn your Sport Pilot’s certificate.

CHI Aerospace can help you achieve all of them and ensure you’re ready – and able – to take off and enjoy your time in the sky.

  • You must be 16 years old for solo flights, and 17 to achieve the certificate (training can begin at a younger age, but we recommend not starting until at least 12)

  • You must complete a minimum of 20 hours of flight training (usually takes 30-40 hours)

  • You must pass a FAA Sport Pilot Knowledge Test

  • You must have a driver’s license for solo flights (3rd Class Medical License is recommended but not required)

  • You must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English

What Can Sport Pilots Do?

  • Plan trips for you and a friend or spouse

  • Fly across the country if you want!

  • Airport hop for that yummy $100 hamburger

  • Build your own Light Sport airplane

  • Add a tailwheel endorsement

  • Add a glider add-on

  • Add a sea plane add-on

What Are Sport Pilot Limitations?

  • You can only fly during the Day in VFR (Visual Flight Rules) conditions

  • You can take only 1 passenger

  • You'll need Instructor endorsements for operating in class B, C, and D airspace

  • You won't be able to do charity flights (such as the Young Eagles)

  • You must fly only Light Sport Airplanes (LSAs which you can rent at CHI!)