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At CHI Aerospace, we know anyone - at any age - can learn to fly.  As New England’s premier flight school, we’re committed to serving our customers and providing the highest level of customer service.  Whether you want a prosperous career in aviation, or just want to break the confines of gravity for fun, our flight training center has the best equipment and expert flight instructors to make it happen.

Give us a call to start your aviation journey today!

Students completion of his first checkride in a blue RV12 aircraft

Learn to Fly Programs

CHI Aerospace offers a variety of exceptional flight programs that are designed to give you the training, education, and connections you need to truly take off in the world of aviation. 

The CHI Fleet by their colors and tail numbers

Our Fleet

CHI has access to modern and cutting edge aircraft that can meet all of your training needs. Our Van's RV-12's, and Cessna 172N are also available to rent! 

CHI Redbird Simulator

Redbird Simulators

Our full-motion Redbird Simulators give you experience towards your instrument and commercial ratings, G1000 training, procedures practice, crosswind landings, and more.



Not sure where to begin? 
An introductory flight is a great place to start when you're new to flying or considering flight training. Give us a call to schedule!

CHI Student after a successful solo flight in a RV12 aircraft

"The absolute enthusiasm about aviation at CHI is what ultimately sold me on choosing them. The staff is nuts about flying and just their excitement alone, makes you want to learn. Additionally, KPSM with their newly paved runway is a dream to fly in and out of. The accommodating controllers, 11,000' runway and perfect location on the Seacoast are all benefits. You can build your skills with confidence without spending half your lesson on a congested apron or taxiway, light traffic at KPSM is fun to mix with."

-Ben, Google Reviews

"Truly a diamond in the rough. The staff, planes, and facility of CHI is impressive. The RV-12's are a dream to fly and not to mention fairly new compared to most flight school fleets. Portsmouth is a high quality airfield and I would recommend CHI to anyone in the area looking for a flight school for PPL or above!"

- Aaron, Google Reviews

A CHI RV12 Aircraft flying over Numble Point Lighthouse


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