At CHI Aerospace, we know anyone - at any age - can learn to fly.  As New England’s premier flight school, we’re committed to serving our customers and providing the highest level of customer service.  Whether you want a prosperous career in aviation, or just want to break the confines of gravity for fun, our flight training center has the best equipment and expert flight instructors to make it happen.

"Being able to see the world from that viewpoint and having the freedom to fly anywhere made me immediately fall in love." ~Tina

Learn to Fly Programs

CHI Aerospace offers a variety of exceptional flight programs that are designed to give you the training, education, and connections you need to truly take off in the world of aviation. 

Our Aircraft

CHI has access to today's cutting-edge aircraft including the new Vans RV-12. Our RV-12s, Cessna 172 and Cessna 182 are available to rent. Also check out our Alpha 160A for Upset Recovery Training!

Redbird Simulators

Our full-motion Redbird simulators give you experience towards your instrument and commercial ratings, G1000 training, procedures practice, crosswind landings, and so much more.

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