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Below, you will find resources and quizzes to help reinforce all of the knowledge needed to complete stage 1. Work with your CFI to know which resources to read and quizzes to complete in conjunction with the Sporty's syllabus.

Before your checkride, you will fly with another instructor as the final check before your flight with a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).

Wondering what to expect during your stage check? Click here for the student overview:

Looking for additional resources?

1) Check out AOPA's website:

2) Sporty's Online Videos:

Essential Equipment for ALL Pilots

  • Your Own Headset

  • Foggles

  • iPad (recommended)

  • Foreflight Subscription (recommended)

The equipment listed on the left are essential items all pilots should carry with them, especially if you plan on continuing to work towards additional ratings or a career in aviation. By the time you are checkride ready, you should have all of these items in your possession (in addition to the items listed in stage 1). Your instructor can help guide you on where to purchase and what type of equipment works best for you!

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