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Need to time build? Here are some great New England airports to fly to.

Written by Joe Palmer

What better way to celebrate learn to fly than exploring New England. Below are descriptions of local airports we encourage both renters and time building students to fly to.

Jaffrey (AFN)

This short cross country is located between Keene and Manchester and has a brand new runway! Jaffrey is known for its unique history and the farm nearby with an ice cream stand. This is the perfect place to fly to with friends and family and snag a sundae.

Brunswick (BXM)

As a popular destination for our private pilot students, Brunswick is a former naval air station with a long 8000 FT runway. This easy flight takes you up the coast, past Portland, and over the many small islands of Maine.

Keene (EEN)

Just past Jaffrey is Keene Dillant-Hopkins Airport. Kam and Joe had quite the adventure here during an Airport of the Month trip. Also, there’s a new restaurant with an outdoor patio!

Provincetown (PVC)

Located on the tip of the cape, this airport is a must visit for New England pilots. We’ve flown here numerous times and the approach over the water is beautiful. If you have time, it is only a few hundred yards to the beach!

Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport (BAF)

For our commercial students, Barnes is located approximately 100.4 NM from PSM which meets the requirement for one of the 2-hour, 100 NM cross countries you'll have to do with an instructor . This airport located in western Massachusetts in a Class Delta and is home to the 104th Fighter Wing that flies F-15s! Also, there is a sushi restaurant located on the airfield. This is a perfect place to sit back and relax with sushi and listen to the jet noise!


This airfield is located south of Boston just outside of Bravo airspace. If everything works out, Boston approach will grant you the bravo clearance as a shortcut! Mansfield also has a café, plenty of ramp space, and a vibrant general aviation community. Check out our Airport of the Month post here.

Obviously, there are many other places you can go! Click the link here for our approved list of cross country flights to help you meet those requirements for your next rating. If you have any additional questions on cross country flying, contact your instructor!


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