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First Solo! Stephen R.

Congratulations to Stephen R. on completing his first solo flight yesterday! After a windy morning, with gusts reaching up to 24KTs, the winds died down enough for a dual flight with John, or so Stephen thought. Once up in the air, John knew Stephen was ready to fly on his own. They flew back to the hangar, and John hopped out, leaving Stephen to complete what he said were “some of his best landings yet”. The smile on Stephen’s face said it all!

This new father and full-time employee at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is pursuing his private license as a hobby and should be applauded for his determination. Stephen never ceases to show up with a positive attitude.

We are so excited for you, Stephen! Enjoy the holidays knowing that completing your first solo won’t be one of your New Year's resolutions! Congratulations.

Below are some photos of the occasion taken by John.

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