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First Solo - Scott E.

A big congratulations to Scott E. for completing his first solo flight this Thursday!

On the calm morning of February 19th, Scott and Jack hit the pattern. After impressing with some incredibly soft landings, Jack hopped out and sent Scott on his way to solo!

Scott was not alone up there. His CFI, Jack described the amount of traffic in the pattern as “wild”, with a, “Pipeline surveyor at 200 AGL on the west side of the centerline, 2 corporate jets going out, an Allegiant A320 landing, an additional RV12 in the pattern, and a PlaneSense PC-12 on an ILS approach followed by a Cirrus”. The tower instructed Scott to complete multiple right 360s for spacing prior to almost every landing he did.

Jack said Scott “crushed it”, showing amazing composure and patience with all of the traffic in the pattern.

Scott’s excitement for flying and incredible attitude from the minute when he walks in the door was clearly reflected in his first solo flight. Congratulations Scott and we can’t wait to see you tackle the rest of your training!

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1 Comment

Donny Gates
Donny Gates
May 11, 2021

Congrats! Can't wait to join you!

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