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First Solo - Elora M.

A big congratulations to CHI’s own Elora M for completing her first solo yesterday!

In the early morning of Friday February 5th, Elora hit the pattern with CFI Mikey. She impressed with some incredibly soft landings and stellar radio calls. Unfortunately, a low cloud deck and snow rolled in quickly and ended the flight.

The CHI office watched and hoped the weather would clear, and around 1 o’clock the skies magically cleared. Then, Elora hopped into 271VA with CFI Dan for three laps as a final stage check. After three absolute “greasers”, she was sent off to hit the pattern solo.

After hitting the pattern, Elora returned to the hangar and was greeted by an incredibly proud CHI staff. Elora’s hard work, attention to detail, and attitude makes her a vital part of the CHI team and daily operations. Congratulations on this big step Elora! We’re proud of the hard work and progress you're making towards your certificate!

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