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First Solo - Don F.

A big congratulations to Don F. for completing his first solo yesterday! On the evening of December 9th, Don arrived at CHI on a mission to prove he was ready to solo. Both Don and Chief CFI John hopped in 311VA and they hit the pattern. Don greased his landings and resulted with John giving him the order to taxi back to the hangar to send him out solo.

You couldn’t have asked for a better night to solo. The air was smooth as glass and Don did a fantastic job. Here are some pictures taken by John below!

Don is a former Marine and he is working towards his sport license with us! He has a fantastic attitude towards flying and it is contagious when he walks in the door. We’re so happy to have him as a part of the CHI Community and we’re excited to see him progress through the next stage of his training!

Congratulations Don and well done!

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