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CHECKRIDE PASSED! New Sport Pilot Andrew B.

Congratulations to Andrew B. for passing his Sport Pilot checkride this week!

It seems like the skies had cleared and the winds subsided just in time for Andrew’s checkride! We haven’t had the best of luck this January with the weather, but this week that changed and allowed Andrew to head up to Sanford Regional Airport for his Sport Pilot Checkride with DPE John Gary. Andrew arrived at Sanford Regional Airport and met with John to start off the oral section of the test. Here Andrew had no issues demonstrating his knowledge in RV-12 systems, VFR navigation, and general aviation regulations. They then took to the skies where John challenged Andrew to various maneuvers, navigational challenges, and landings. After they landed, John Gary let Andrew know he would be receiving his temporary Airmen certificate. He passed!

Before departing, Andrew called us to let us know of the great news and that he would be headed back shortly. He arrived at Pease without a stumble and when asked by the CHI crew how he did, he replied with, “Apparently good enough!”.

Congratulations Andrew! Keep up the “Good enough” work and enjoy the skies!

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