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CHECKRIDE PASSED! New Private Pilot Susie M.

A big congratulations to Susie M. for passing her private pilot checkride!

On the morning of December 14th, Susie flew up to Sanford-Seacoast Regional Airport to take her checkride with DPE John Gary. Susie breezed through the oral going over many situationally based questions pertaining to regulations, aircraft weight and balance, and aeronautical decision making. They then hopped into N1355F to start the practical test. After completing stalls, steep turns, simulated emergencies, and three landings, Susie was informed that she passed!

Then, she took off to return to Portsmouth. The winds were high, but she had no problem as a new private pilot. She returned to an excited CHI staff, including her instructor Anders. Congratulations Susie and good luck with the rest of your ratings!

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