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Checkride PASSED! New Private Pilot Brendon D.

Written by CHI Dispatcher Joe Palmer

Congratulations to Brendon Dubois for passing his Private Pilot Checkride yesterday!

On October 9th, Brendon arrived at Portsmouth anticipating that he would fly to Sanford to take his checkride. Upon arrival, Brendon observed that the forecasted winds would be unsafe to go fly. Despite this, an idea was proposed by the CHI Team to have Brendon drive up to Sanford to take his oral exam, and if the winds calmed down, CHI dispatchers would fly an RV-12 up for him to take his practical.

Brendon passed his oral and was commended for his depth in aeronautical knowledge. Luckily the winds died down and a beautiful night was forecasted, which meant it was safe to complete the practical portion of his checkride. Brendon called CHI to give the go ahead and 266VA was scrambled.

CHI Dispatcher Joe Palmer and CFI Mikey McDonough served as the QRF (Quick Reaction Force) for this mission. With the plane already preflighted and ready beforehand, Mikey and Joe flew up to Sanford. The flight was uneventful and the plane was delivered right on time for the practical portion.

Brendon walked out, completed his preflight, and took off with DPE John Gary to demonstrate his skills. In the meantime, Joe and Mikey cheered Brendan on from the Pilot’s Cove Café while playing some cornhole and having a bite to eat.

After completing all maneuvers well within the ACS Standards, Brendon was informed that he passed. John Gary said that “It was hard to find anything wrong” with Brendon’s performance. This was no surprise at all to anyone at CHI. Brendon has been working towards his PPL for a long time and it has been awesome watching him develop as a pilot.

Above: Brendon with DPE John Gary

Glad we could be there to watch you pass! Congratulations Brendon! Great job!


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