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Why I Fly - CHI Student Pilot Aaron P.

Aaron is the definition of an aviation enthusiast. When not working for an airline, he flies the RV12 pursuing his Private Pilot's License, while also taking pictures of aircraft in his free time.

I first became interested in aviation in elementary school when my friend started bringing toy airplanes to class. My fascination with airplanes started growing from there and I began learning more about how they fly, the industry, and more. I then decided to pursue my dream of becoming an airline pilot.

To accomplish this, I joined programs to increase my involvement in aviation like Civil Air Patrol. I also helped my school set up hardware for its aviation class and was a regular attendee of my school's aviation club. In Civil Air Patrol I was able to take flights in their aircraft and also eventually help others learn more about aviation. During my adventures, my aviation knowledge and fascination has grown.

Over a year ago I began taking flying lessons to work my way to my Private Pilot's license. Graduating high school gave me more time to work and pursue aviation as a career and a hobby. I continued "planespotting" and changed jobs to work airline flights at Portsmouth Airport. I have enjoyed my new job and the aviation environment around it.

This leads to today where I am a ground service agent and baggage handler for an airline at PSM, as well as a student pilot. My love for aviation and flying continues and I fly to pursue my future goals of becoming an airline pilot.

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