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On January 10th, we had the honor to host the USAF Delayed Entry Program (DEP) meeting at our hangar here in Portsmouth. The Delayed Entry Program "allows you to complete your application to the Air Force and reserve your Air Force job before an assignment is available." (check out,enlisted-path/what-is-the-dep for more information).

Most of the roughly 40 attendees were students finishing up high school. They came with SSGT Nick Cook and a couple of other recruiters. Of course, pizza and soda was involved - supplied by the Air Force.

While SSGT Cook took them through their monthly meeting, CFI John and Ops Manager Ryan showed them around the hangar. John gave everybody rides on the Redbird Crosswind simulator. One of the students actually scored a 978/1000... not bad for a first timer. Ryan showed off the Vans RV-12s, demonstrated the Dynon D100T touch screen avionics, spoke about the importance of timely and quality aircraft maintenance, and discussed the track to becoming a pilot. It was a lot of fun - check out the images below! We're looking forward to having SSGT Cook and his DEP recruits back again.

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