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Sanborn High School Aviation Camp visits CHI Aerospace!

On Wednesday, July 14th, CHI welcomed students from Sanborn High School’s Aviation Camp to the CHI hangar! Led by one of CHI's students Kevin C, the 20+ students were treated to a day packed with aviation knowledge and experiences.

They started the day off with a tour of the CHI hangar where the students learned about how a flight school operates. As the day continued, the students were treated to a presentation from Brian E. (Lt. Col with the 157th ARW and former air traffic controller) where they learned all about the National Airspace System and procedures.

Later in the day, everyone paid a visit to Port City Air’s maintenance hangar where they were greeted by PCA's manager Paul Davy and staff for a tour.

Soon after the group was able to take photos in front of a King Air.

In the afternoon, Chief Flight Instructor Greg gave a presentation on his military aviation experiences flying the T-38 and F-15 along with how to pursue a career in military flying. Greg is also an airline pilot, and was able to speak to that career path as well to cover the spectrum of aviation careers including all of the different ratings you can train for here at CHI.

After, the students got to test their knowledge and skills with our crosswind simulator and compete for the best landing! This motion simulator gave students some insight into landing during crosswinds while also letting them get behind a yoke! The students also got to learn about the preflight process for the RV12 from Joe, Sarah, and Greg.

It was a day full of aviation for these passionate students and we hope to see them pursue careers in the aviation industry!

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