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NEW AIRCRAFT - Van's RV-12is

CHI Aerospace is proud to announce the acquisition of a brand new RV-12is! N247RM joins our fleet of 10 aircraft, becoming the sixth RV-12 available to fly. Tad Vaughn, our special projects manager, flew N247RM up from Florida with his wife to deliver the aircraft to CHI!

So how does this aircraft compare to the legacy RV-12?

The exterior is different! If you look closely, there are more scoops in the cowling to allow for better cooling of the engine. The engine is the biggest difference when compared to the legacy RV-12, as this is the ROTAX 912is, which is fuel injected as opposed to the dual carbureted ROTAX 912. According to the manufacturer, the ROTAX 912is is “computer-controlled for maximum efficiency and performance, which increases performance in all regimes and is especially valuable at higher operating altitudes”.

The interior is more refined as well. N247RM has two Garmin G3X panels, a Garmin GTN650, and a two axis autopilot.

Also, the new control stick allows you to cycle between radio frequencies and disconnect the autopilot when desired.

Another change Vans made was that they implemented a throttle quadrant between the seats, allowing for more accurate throttle adjustments. There’s a new throttle activation feature which allows the pilot to engage a full-rich mode (full-power) or “economy mode”. As explained by our very own Tad Vaughn, “it’s almost like a second gear”.

In front of the throttle quadrant, Van’s added a center console, similar to what you could find in your car. This houses numerous switches, including a two-position switch for the new electric flaps and two USB ports. Last but definitely not least, they added a cup holder!

Courtesy of Van’s Aircraft, N247RM will be available for advanced training and renters who already possess at least a Private Pilot or Sport Pilot Certificate.


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