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International Women's Day

March is “Women’s History Month” and March 8th marks “International Women’s Day!” We thought there’s nothing more fitting than celebrating women in aviation and encouraging women to reach their aviation goals despite females making up only seven percent of pilots worldwide.

Student pilot Cindy F. comments, “flying really does feel very geared towards men – from physical aspects of the plane to the voices you tend to hear on ATC – mainly male." We want to see those statistics change! At CHI Aerospace we provide a welcoming and supportive learning environment to ALL our students, male and female, to help them reach their aviation goals and recognize their full potential!

Learning to fly can lead to amazing benefits and opportunities, like exploring your full potential, accomplishing one of your lifelong goals, and living out your dream despite it being a male-dominated industry. But don’t just take it from us -- hear from some of our own female pilots changing those statistics and sharing their passion for aviation with others!

“If you think you’re interested in flying, go for it! There are resources out there to help financially and to support you along your aviation journey.” - Allison L.

There are many organizations that are advocating for women in aviation by providing mentorship and educational resources. For example, Women in Aviation (WIA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging women in aviation. They hold an event each year called Girls in Aviation to help spark an interest and encourage females to enter the industry. Last year about 15,000 young people were exposed to aviation through 100 chapters worldwide. This amazing event provides great mentorship to individuals who are new to aviation and helps them explore their passion and take the next steps. For more information visit Women in Aviation International: Homepage and be sure to keep an eye out for the next Girls in Aviation event scheduled for September 26, 2020!

"It’s rare to see women pilots in commercial flights –in fact, it’s only recently that I’m not one of the only women hanging around at CHI. I’d say to other women - push through and feel you belong. We all need to advocate for women in all aspects of aviation” - Cindy F.

Colleen F. says, “it's crazy how many girls don't think aviation is an option for them and I want to spread the word to as many women as possible!”

For those of you who are on the fence about taking your first flight, Sarah R. would advise you, “what are you waiting for? Go for it!”

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