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How to Get a Medical

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Thanks Mike O. for asking us how to go about getting a medical for your solo!

How do I go about getting my medical certificate?

It’s very simple! First, you have to find a medical examiner. They’re called Aviation Medical Examiners, or AME for short. You can do a Google search for Aviation Medical Examiners near me. However, I think the easiest way to find an AME is to use the FAA’s Designee search tool. You can find that tool at the link below:

Once there, select AME as the Designee Type. Then, do a Location Search. For search criteria, enter only the state. So, select either NH or MA. Note that if you need/want a first class medical, be sure to check the First Class Examiner box. Then, hit Continue. A list will populate with all of the AMEs in the selected state.

Give one of them a call and say you’d like to get a First/Second/Third class medical (pick one, of course). If you’re unsure of which medical you should get, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you decide.

Next, you’ll have to fill out the medxpress form. Go to Click the Request Account button to create your new account. You’ll then create an application, fill it out, and submit it. Make sure you write down your application ID and bring it with you to your appointment. When you go for your appointment, your AME will be able to pull up your application from their office using your application ID. That’s it!

**Image credit: HealthBridge

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