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March Airport of the Month - Knox County Regional Airport (KRKD)

For this Airport of the Month, Dispatchers Zach and Hunter decided to go for a longer flight and went up to Knox County Regional Airport (KRKD).

For the route, we knew that if we were to fly directly to Rockland (and back), we would be too far out over the ocean, so we planned our flight via KPWM and KBXM. Our route would be roughly 110NM and northeast bound - so we planned to cruise at 5500ft.

With our routing, we flew directly over the Portland airport and got to admire the “big leagues” in action. Next, we were onto Brunswick!

Once we landed, we parked next to a Cape Air C402 and swapped seats prior to firing up for the return trip.

Heading home, we would follow the same route but in the opposite order - flying over BXM and then PWM. As we flew over the Portland Area, there was a small cloud layer below us which made for an interesting new perspective - especially with Mt. Washington in the distance!

Coming into PSM, we flew directly to a 2-mile right base (taking us right over downtown Portsmouth) and then Hunter buttered the landing.

Although we would have loved to spend more time in Rockland, we were glad to have been able to make the trip and look forwards to returning once again!

See you next month!

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