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CHECKRIDE PASSED! New Sport Pilot Scott E.

Congratulations to Scott E. for passing his Sport Pilot checkride!

Scott rotated off of runway 32 at Sanford Regional Airport right at 10:30 on July 27th to complete his Sport Pilot checkride. As he hit the skies with DPE John Gary, Scott performed various maneuvers in the haze over the New Hampshire coastline. Scott’s checkride was just over 45 minutes long and after three landings back at SFM, Scott was informed that he had passed his exam.

Scott made the quick hop from SFM to PSM in N271VA, and was greeted by a large crowd of people at CHI as he taxied back to deliver the exciting news! Scott trained for his Sport Pilot with CFI Jack Carter over the past few months in the CHI RV12 aircraft.

Congratulations Scott, and enjoy your new license!

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