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CHECKRIDE PASSED! New Private Pilot Jesse B.

A big congratulations to Jesse B. for passing his Private Pilot Checkride!

On September 23rd, Jesse flew up to Sanford (KSFM) to complete his PPL practical exam with DPE Don Martel. He impressed during the oral, getting quizzed on aircraft systems, airspace, and aeronautical decision making topics.

Next, Jesse climbed out of Sanford in N922CA to perform the flight portion of the exam. Jesse covered stalls, turned around a point, maneuvers, and performed three landings back at Sanford. After completing all maneuvers well within the ACS standards, DPE Don M. informed Jesse that he had passed the checkride and had earned his private pilot license!

Jesse is a guardsmen at the New Hampshire Air National Guard, and is pursuing a career flying the KC-46 Tankers based here at Pease with the 157th Air Refueling Wing. We are proud of you Jesse and good luck in your future endeavors!

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