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A big congratulations to CHI’s own Kam V. for passing his Private Pilot Checkride this week! As you can tell, he was excited.

In the afternoon of July 29th, Kam arrived at the CHI Hangar many hours early for final preparations for his checkride. After some finishing touches on his flight plan and ensuring he had everything he needed, Kam took off for Sanford.

Kam arrived for his timeslot and after some "chit-chat" with John Gary, they rolled right into the oral. After two and a half hours of quizzing on aircraft systems, weight and balance, weather, and deficient areas on his written, Kam was informed that he had passed the oral exam.

Then, they both hopped into N266VA and completed the flight portion. After performing all maneuvers within Airman Certification Standards, Kam was given his certificate.

Little did Kam know that his aeronautical decision making would be tested again on the way back from Sanford. By the end of his checkride, a strong system of thunderstorms had developed around the Portsmouth Area. After consulting with the DPE, Kam decided to takeoff and make a decision once leaving the pattern at Sanford. After transitioning to cruise and listening to the ATIS, Kam made the excellent decision to turn back and return to Sanford.

Dispatcher Joe was then scrambled to drive up to Sanford, as part of the famous and successful CHI Quick Reaction Force. Upon arrival and to celebrate the occasion, Joe and Kam enjoyed a well earned dinner at the Pilot’s Cove Cafe. The following morning, Kam flew 266VA back to PSM as his first flight as a Private Pilot.

CHI would like to congratulate Kam on completing his Private Pilot’s License and thank him for all of his hard work as an integral part of the CHI team!

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