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New Aircraft - Vans RV12 N922CA

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

We have just acquired a new Vans RV-12 - N922CA!

This 2016 aircraft has duel Garmin G3X touch screens and is equipped with a two axis autopilot. This is the same model as our other two Vans RV-12s, N266VA and N271VA. All three aircraft are 2016 Vans RV-12 SLSA meaning they're all factory made and not home built. Equipped with two 10.6 Garmin G3X display units, this new system offers real time weather, traffic alerts, chart overlays, and much more at the tip of your fingers.

This aircraft will be used for:

- Student Pilot Training

- Rentals for individuals who already have their pilots license

Check out the photos of N922CA below:

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