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Female Aviators: Current Trends and Our Commitment to Change

Females are an extremely underrepresented group in the aviation world. As of 2018 data from the FAA, females make up just over 7% of the total number of pilots in the US. This is an increase from years past, but not growing at the rate many would like to see.

From 2009 to 2018, pilot certificates held by women increased by 9,655. This is a small increment compared to the 29,377 increase of certificates held by men between 2009 and 2018. Currently, the only aviation related field women outweigh men is flight attendants. There are 183,519 active female flight attendants in the United States, which is actually more than the prevailing 153,440 male private pilots.

While there has been an increase of both men and women in aviation, there is still an immense need for more airmen in the industry. With such a large and diverse field and a need for new pilots, engineers, mechanics and more, we should look to women to help fill these areas. Not only to create a more diverse workforce and field, but for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

At CHI Aerospace, we are making the commitment to help promote, inspire, and provide resources for women in aviation. In a male dominated field, we want to support females interested in flying and help them reach their full potential. Over the next few weeks in honor of women’s history month, we will be dedicating a day per week to a historic female figure in the aerospace world. Over the years, many female aviators made major strides and broke down barriers in aviation, and we want to help women today continue doing just that.

After this month, we will begin providing more resources for women to utilize on their journey to becoming a pilot. We also plan on hosting an open house event for the community to come in and see what we’re all about (more information coming soon). We are also asking for anyone to send us articles, pictures, videos and other media relating to females in aviation that can help inspire women to take the first steps into the aviation world. You can send them to our email at:

*Data retrieved from Federal Aviation Administration (2018 Active Civil Airmen Statistics) :


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