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Enabled Pilot Program - Colby H.

We are thrilled to introduce CHI Aerospace’s first Enabled Program student - Colby!

On June 9th, Colby took his first lesson with CFI Tom Bake in our Ercoupe. Colby will be a senior in high school at Pinkerton Academy and is on the sled-hockey team. He was connected to us through Northeast Passage and will be training with Tom to learn how to fly!

At CHI, we feel that everyone should be able to enjoy the joy and thrill of flight. Our Enabled Pilot Program allows individuals with some physical disabilities to take part in Flight Training.

Our Ercoupe is the root of our Enabled Pilot Program. This classic Ercoupe was built in 1946 - an antique - and has no rudder pedals and a hand brake. It’s also a fully coordinated airplane which is extremely unique. This makes it the perfect trainer for people in our Enabled Pilot Program.

We are so happy to have you training with us Colby! We can't wait to see where flying takes you!

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