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Checkride PASSED! - Private Pilot Rob H.

A huge congratulations to Rob H. as he just passed his private pilot checkride!

Rob flew up to Sanford airport (KSFM) in Sanford, Maine on Saturday, January 26, 2019. He had an 8am meeting with DPE John G. to complete the oral portion of his final test to become a pilot. Following the ground test, Rob took John for a flight around the Sanford area. Demonstrating his maneuvers with proficiency, Rob returned to KSFM as a private pilot. Great job to Rob and also to his CFI, John Tiplady!

An ambitious student eager to learn as much about flying as possible, Rob is already a few lessons in on his instrument rating. He's been training with CFII Lindsey Mitchell in the Redbird FMX using the Cessna 182 steam gauge panel with Garmin 430/530. He should be transitioning to the Sundowner soon to get some airplane time. We're sure he'll have his instrument rating in no time.

Great job, Rob - we can't wait to see where flying takes you!

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