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Checkride PASSED! - Private Pilot Brian E.

CHI Aerospace excitedly congratulates Brian E. for passing his Private Pilot checkride on Sunday, January 13!

Brian is a great example of dedication and commitment towards learning to fly. He took his introductory flight lesson with us on 16 September 2018 and only four months later, he obtained his Private Pilot airman certificate. Brian flew N271VA from KPSM up to Sanford Maine (KSFM) early on Sunday morning for an 8am checkride. After his ground portion, he took DPE John Gary for a ride. A few maneuvers and a couple landings later, they headed back inside to complete the necessary paperwork.

Monday morning, Brian took his wife for a flight - his first passenger.

Great job, Brian! We’re very proud of you. We’re confident that you’ll be a safe, confident, and competent Private Pilot.

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