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A Fresh Start

Welcome to the new and improved website! We (Ryan and John) have been running the flight school since the end of September and things have come a long way. From record-keeping and training programs to maintenance and customer involvement, our school has seen a lot of growth.

First off, we completely revamped how records are stored and handled. Whether it be student progression, renters documents, or aircraft maintenance, everything is safely stored and updated continuously. Most importantly, we introduced a new student folder that will help us keep track of each lesson as well as logbook endorsements so there will never be any doubt on what remains to be covered. This sort of record keeping is fairly uncommon in Part 61 schools - it's mostly seen in Part 141 operations - but we believe it is essential to ensure customer satisfaction and student progress.

Next, our programs have been revamped. Yes, we still offer the Sport and Private pilot training, but we've also added a few new options! We now have an Advanced Stall & Spin training program. This is about 3 hours of training which involves aggravated stalls simulating wake turbulence encounters and more. Pilots can sign up for this program after they solo. Additionally, we're offering instrument currency (FAR 61.57) in our Redbird FMX. Also in the FMX, we offer G1000 training with our Cessna 182S G1000 panel. The final new program (so far) is partial instrument training in the Redbird FMX. There are plans in the making for even more programs in the future.

Aircraft maintenance is taken very seriously here at CHI Aerospace as providing the safest, highest quality aircraft to our customers is of paramount importance to us. The aircraft maintenance is handled in such a way that it poses the least amount of inconvenience on our customers as possible. Not only do we perform the necessary schedule maintenance, but also the more "optional" maintenance items. This is just part of what makes renting our aircraft a great experience.

Also on the topic of maintenance, our Redbird FMX has just been updated to the latest Navigator software. It's an extremely user-friendly web application used to configure and control flight simulations. Our recent FMX customers can attest - it truly is a great upgrade. We have a user manual available on the website, but we'd also be more than happy to sit down and demonstrate operation and best practices.

Lastly, we're hard at work to create the best possible community for our customers here at CHI Aerospace. The beginnings of this are social media involvement and this blog you're reading now! We also have a few other great things up our sleeve that will be revealed over the coming months...

We hope you enjoy the new site and hope to see you in the skies with us soon!

- Ryan and John


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