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Solo - Steve I.

Congratulations to Steve I. on his first solo!! Steve flew N271VA all alone for the first time on July 2nd, 2018 at Portsmouth International Airport (runway 16, to be specific). This solo had been long awaited… He was ready to go back in mid-May; he had his logbook endorsed and everything. However, he had a few speed bumps. The weather wasn’t so great on every day he was scheduled to solo. Whether it was wind, rain, or low clouds, he was grounded every time. Then he decided to take a vacation on the week he usually flies (he works long shifts daily every other week). The combination of bad weather and [much needed] vacation pushed his solo all the way out until July. However, he finally has it done and we’re proud of him. Great job, Steve!

Steve also had the GoPro to record his entire solo flight. You can watch the whole thing here on our YouTube page. Be sure to scroll down for more great pictures of his solo.

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