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Female Pilot Interview - Allison L.

Female pilots are extremely underrepresented in the aviation world. According to 2018 data from the FAA, females make up just over seven percent of the total number of pilots in the U.S. Although this is an increase from the past, we’d like to see these numbers continue to grow.

We reached out to our female student pilots and asked them a series of questions about their interest in aviation. We will be showcasing our female student pilots each week with hopes to connect students in the aviation community, and inspire other females that they can do it, too!

Female Pilot Interview - Allison L.

1. When did you know you wanted to become a pilot?

I knew I wanted to become a pilot as soon as I began to take flying lessons; one lesson was all it took to become hooked. Now a few months later I can’t imagine not flying anymore as I’m always excited for the next flight so I know this is the right decision for me.

2. What is your favorite part of flying?

Everyone who I’ve met so far has been super nice and is always willing to help which makes for a super close-knit community. When actually flying, I would have to say the scenery! No matter how many times you go up in the sky the views never seem to disappoint.

3. What obstacles have you faced in your flight training?

Coming from a biological science background learning some of the material has been a challenge since I don’t usually have to think about physical sciences or aerodynamics. As I’m flying more and finding more resources this obstacle is becoming less and less.

4. Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

I don’t necessarily have a single person who inspires me but rather look at specific qualities and experiences of family members and friends that inspire me to become a better person as I push myself into new adventures.

5. What is your favorite memory of flying?

Planning and flying my first cross country with my instructor has been my flying memory so far. I could finally see many of the pieces we had been working on coming together and were able to fly to my hometown for my father and sister to see me fly!

6. What advice would you give to other women interested in aviation?

If you think you’re interested in flying, go for it! There are resources out there to help financially and to support you along your aviation journey.

7. What are your future plans and goals in aviation?

After earning my private pilot license, I hope to join the Air National Guard this fall as an Officer Pilot and eventually fly for a commercial airline.

8. Besides aviation, what are some other interests and hobbies?

When I’m not flying, I love to be outside whether that is going wakeboarding and paddle boarding at my family’s camp, practicing archery or out working in our garden or beehives. Whenever I’m able to I also jump at the chance to travel and explore new areas of the world.

9. What's something most people don't know about you?

When I was in fourth grade I was helping my father photograph WWII artifacts and held a nose cone of a plane flown during the war. If only I knew that I would later continue into an aviation field.


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