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Checkride PASSED! - Private Pilot Ryan H.

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

A huge congratulations to Ryan H. for passing his checkride - CHI’s newest Private Pilot!

On Sunday, September 15th, Ryan woke up bright and early for his checkride with DPE John Gary. He flew N266VA up to Sanford Regional Airport (KSFM) where he completed his oral exam and then hopped in the RV-12 to take John for a ride. Upon returning to KSFM, Ryan was informed he passed his checkride and was now a Private Pilot!

From the beginning, Ryan has excelled at his pilot training. His CFI, Ed Robbins, sent him off to solo after logging only 6 hours! The FAA mandates a minimum requirement of 40 hours before a person is eligible for their checkride, but few people pull it off with that many hours. Ryan did it with 40.5 hours! Ryan served as a Captain in the US Army which gave him a considerable benefit for mastering the hardest thing in private pilot flight training, proper use of the radios and talking to ATC!

Amazing job, Ryan! We can’t wait to see where flying will take you!

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