Stage 1 - Pre-Solo


Below, you will find resources and quizzes to help reinforce all of the knowledge needed to complete stage 1. Work 

Preflight Action



  • PAVE & IMSAFE Checklist

  • 1-800-WXBRIEF


  • FAR Part 61 & 91

  • Risk Assessment

  • Aeronautical Decision Making

  • Aircraft Documents & Manuals

Aircraft & Ground Ops



  • Aircraft Construction & Design

  • Weight and Balance

  • Aircraft Preflight Checklist

  • Airport Operations

  • Propeller Safety

  • C172 Matching

  • RV-12 Matching




Before you solo, you must demonstrate safe operation of the aircraft in the required maneuvers and procedures found in FAR 61.87, or you can check out our blog on solo flight requirements. During this time you will be asked to complete CHI's pre-solo written exam and the aircraft checkout test. Both must be completed and corrected to 100% with your instructor.

After your assigned instructor determines that you are proficient in these areas, and your pre-solo written exam and aircraft checkout test have been corrected to 100%, you will fly with another instructor as the final check before your initial solo flight.

Required Stage 1 Tests

Aircraft Checkout Tests

Student Pre-Solo Exam

To complete the required tests, you will need to review the aircraft POH, aircraft checklist, aircraft weight and balance sheet and other resources provided on this page. Visit the Aircraft Documents & Manuals page to access these documents!