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Renting with CHI Aerospace opens up many possibilities for pilots of all levels. Portsmouth International Airport at Pease is conveniently located near many great airfields. Not only does it provide valuable learning opportunities for our students, but it also serves as a gateway to many interesting destinations. Also, the proximity to the Boston and the Cape makes it easy for our students and renters to experience day trips all over New England. Check out some of our blogs here to see some of the trips we have been on.

Places to Go

New England is home to a wide variety of airfields and airports that are great for day trips or overnight stays. CHI has taken advantage of the surrounding areas and many of our students and renters have flown to vario

A bucket list item for most New England aviators, is the Boston Sky View Tour. Made possible by Boston 

Boston "Sky View" Tour

Hampton Airfield is another popular destination for our renters. This small 2100 ft. strip is home to many general aviation and vintage aircraft. Also, there is a brand new restaurant named the "Airfield Cafe" that is great for breakfast and lunch. If you want to test your skills and reward yourself with a great plate of food, Hampton Airfield is a great place to fly into.

Hampton Airfield (7B3)


Cessna T182T Skylane 

If you have your instrument rating and a high performance endorsement, our 2009 Cessna T182T Skylane is another great option. With a useful load of 996 lbs and a range of 500-800 NM, N5195U is perfect for long distance trips and for carrying more than one passenger. Equipped with a Garmin G1000 and GFC 700 Autopilot,  . With a 235 horsepower Lycoming TIO-540 and 92 gallon fuel capacity, N5195U is perfect for flying friends and family around New England.

Van's RV-12

The avionics and autopilot included in the Van’s RV-12 allow for additional situational awareness and aid in planning. The RV-12 is also a great airplane to take pictures in due to its bubble canopy. Its 50 lb baggage payload, is perfect for bringing small backpacks and luggage for hiking or beach trips.


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